• Media & PR

    VPC is dedicated to providing media-savvy public relations services that are founded on an in-depth knowledge and understanding of our clients issues. Our approach to PR values precision, reliability and productivity. Our commitment to providing a working environment that encourages and rewards creativity, insight, and teamwork ensures the best quality results for our clients. VPC has deep affiliations with an expansive set of media partners, enabling us to secure the best opportunities for our clients at the most reasonable cost. Our aim is to act as a reliable extension of our clients’ internal departments, producing results that directly and positively impact on our clients’ business objectives.

  • Strategic Communications

    VPC’s strategic communications division helps our clients use their communications assets to protect, enhance, develop and defend their enterprise value. We provide communications counsel based on in-depth industry knowledge and experience. Our multi-tier approach to strategic communications, means that we are distinctively positioned to advise executive teams, board of directors, and other significant key decision makers on how best to address the opportunities, threats and challenges presented by issues that affect enterprise value. Further, we are able to complement our strategic communications expertise by offering our clients access to market-leading management consultation and advice to address critical business situations, including legal and risk structuring.

  • Marketing

    VPC strongly believes that a proactive and collaborative marketing portfolio is an integral part of an organisation’s competitive strategy in today’s fast-moving markets. We view our client relationships as strategic partnerships and work closely with our clients to deliver compelling marketing solutions, which consistently add strategic value. We recognize the value in building a community around our clients’, their brands and products. Our marketing strategies are precisely targeted, persuasive and results orientated. Our communications-based marketing aims to firmly establish an organisation, its products and services within a marketplace and create broad, market-pervasive, brand recognition. Our proven strategy involves solidifying existing supporter relationships and accessing new or underutilized market pockets, with the aim of broadening an organisation’s revenue streams and/or reach. Our practice principals have strong academic credentials and experience in objective setting and achievement.