About Us

Vantage Point Consultancy (“VPC“) is a full-service consultancy firm comprised of four divisions: Public Relations, Strategic Communications, Legal & Risk and Marketing. Each division contains internationally trained and experienced individuals, dedicated to achieving our clients’ goals and ambitions in the region. VPC operates as a first point of contact for clients entering the region and as a wholesale partner to our existing clients, providing tailor-made solutions to their business needs, focused commercial strategies and bespoke legal advice.

VPC is a strong commercial partner for any business, organisation or entity working in the East African region. Our holistic approach is designed to ensure that our clients operate in a highly effective, proactive and confident manner in this region, secure in the knowledge that we are best placed to anticipate any challenges, promote their goals and execute their ambitions.

Contact Info

  • 5th Floor Padre Pio House
  • Plot 32 Lumumba Avenue
  • +256 776 422 222
  • info@vpointconsultancy.com